The Best Camper Van Rentals in North America

campervan hire

We all know, you understand: Camper trucks are everywhere nowadays. You can argue that two-door Automobiles will be the brand new Subaru Outback, representing an abysmal, minimalist lifestyle within their very own efficacious manner. And what better way to find out than an all-around experience vehicle? A camper van may fly beneath the radar at town on a very long road trip, keep you dry and warm in a snowstorm, rather than demand much setup (after the first construct, that is.)

If you do not have adequate time and cash to acquire an older Sprinter van up and working –and trust , van life is inexpensive as soon as you’re on the street but it can be a huge financial undertaking to get started–those rental firms have a way. Whether you are in the market for a very painted shop van, a rocky teardrop trailer, or even a traditional white Sprinter, among these family-run business have everything you’re searching for. A number of them will also stock the fridge with beer until you arrive.

Gretchen Bayless and Taylor Hood were living their dreama lifetime on the street in the Pacific Northwest, in continuous pursuit of surf and snow –when they chose to flip their lifestyle to some company. Their firm, ROAM, rents completely equipped Sportsmobiles from Portland, Oregon, to assist clients live their fantasy, too. The spacious vehicles have been outfitted for Pacific Northwest’s notoriously wet weather and come stocked with all you will need for your experiences –Rumpl blankets, kitchen supplies, even headlamps along with a deck of cards. Bikes, surfboards, and crag dogs not contained.

Escape Camper
In 2003, three friends from New Zealand founded the vibrant Escape rental provider, which expanded to the USA in 2009. Their trucks come custom-painted by among numerous collaborating artists, also you’re able to grab your vehicle in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Denver, Miami, or even Las Vegas (or, for that matter, in New Zealand). Popular with travelers visiting abroad, Escape features lots of traveling advice, from suggested itineraries to useful tips such as which side of this street you ought to be driving . Get an quote here.

Lost Campers USA
Missing Campers USA rents from Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City. Founded by Australians Emma and Nick Thomson, the organization’s fleet of 120 cars join their clients with all the lifestyle they adore: camping in the outback, road-tripping across the USA. These adventurers are just the type of people that you need on your next big trip. Missing Campers prioritizes a non traditional automobile, one which does not stand out as a lease in your new favourite surf break and may be parked surreptitiously at a federal park lot. Insert among the rooftop tents, and you have got the perfect car for a family road trip or a experience with friends.

Wicked Campers

Campervan Hire With a giant bed, a sexy kitchen and a paintjob that would make Van Gogh cut off his other ear Wicked Campers USA & Canada is the best way to get around America! Cheaper than an RV and sexier than your Dads new girlfriend – Wicked Campers are decked out with everything you need for a kickass roadtrip!

Off the Grid Rentals

provides teardrop trailers and rooftop tents from Mesa, Arizona and Laguna Hills, California. Especially constructed for off-road terrain, all these towable living spaces are harder than they seem. Creator Nizar Najm, a father of three, wanted to provide his clients access to luxury camping gear such as their trailers and tents, in addition to fridges, freezers, and streamlined generators, without needing to manage the expenses of ownership. Although the company thought was triggered during a family camping trip, these rocky camping trailers are unquestionably worthy of the next huge friendventure–they would be ideal for a week of climbing at nearby Joshua Tree.

These businesses take the AirBnB version and use it to vehicles. From flawlessly stocked livable camper vans to antique RVs and trailers, you will find just about whatever you want. Trailer Made also links their customers to primo camping websites on often-private land which other members manage and lease out to enterprising travelers. Outdoorsy highlights the advantages of peer-to-peer leasing: whenever you are leasing a livable van out of a different outdoorsperson, they may have a kayak or 2 they will throw for an additional $100. No worries–with all these alternatives, you are bound to come across the best, pet-friendly person to lease from.

Marc and Vicki Rittner founded Eat Sleep Go after they fell in love with a Mercedes Roadtrek RS Adventurous and recognized how pricey (and elaborate ) the procedure for getting an operator may be. Based from San Dimas, California, the couple chose to cancel the expense of their fantasy camper van using a personal rental support. Even though their fleet is simply 1 Sprinter, the couple has assembled a wider community of Sprinter owners and tenants, where individuals share information on leasing, refurbishing, and basic van life.
Some other rental businesses we adore:

Adventure Rigs was set up by four daring friends in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Should you require guidance on where to choose one of the badass vehiclesnicknamed Norman and Frank the Tank–that the fun-loving owners will unquestionably have the ability to aid you. From $2,550per week.

Adventure Travel Sport Rentalsout of Golden and Boulder, Colorado, rents livable trailers, trailers, and rugged rigs (such as Sportsmobiles, Toyota Land Cruisers and Jeep Rubicons) to put you to the hills safely.

Airstream Coach provides loyal customer discounts to the normal vagabond. Select up your Airstream van at Laguna Niguel, California.

Basecamper Vansout of Salt Lake City, has a vast choice of camper vans (and yet another trailer!) Ask beforehand and they could get your rig carried with groceries and booze until you arrive.

Campervan North America provides five versions of Campervans for lease from Seattle, Bozeman, and Las Vegas. Having an eye on stewardship and conservation, Campervan donates one percent of the profits to environmental nonprofits.

Jucy Rentals is just another New Zealand-based firm, which rents glowing purple-and-green”miniature RVs” from San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

Mercedes Sprinter RV Rental has 29 locations across the American West. Clients can pick up one of the Mercedes camper trucks and head off into pretty much any national park in the nation in a matter of hours. Bonus: 10 percent of the profits go to the National Parks Conservancy. Get an quote here.

Tonto Trails provides Sportsmobile and Tiger Expedition Vehicle rentals from Durango, Colorado. Clients can opt for a guided excursion, such as pre-planned actions, you don’t have to browse, and cocktails and set dinners in the evenings.

Wander Vans, based from Boise, Idaho, provides completely outfitted, very low profile camper vans to get you from Idaho’s urban centre and in the wild land surrounding it. Outdoorsy proprietor Chris Cook will counsel you on his favourite spots if you want any help planning your journey.

Notice on leases and prices: a few of those businesses don’t include insurance in their everyday prices. Most leasing providers will equip you with all you need in the kitchen and supply bedding too. Others are going to put you up with tents, sleeping bags, headlamps, and other adventure equipment. Keep a watch out for the conveniences as you plan your next adventure!

Photo from Mike Branscum, courtesy of ROAM.

Camp Notes is a large high five to the enjoyment of sleeping outside and all that comes with it. You understand, stuff and camping.



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