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Hear ye hear ye oh owner of campervan hire Australia, because I am here to tell you all that you need to know about driving a campervan through the great country continent of Australia. This country continent never lacks excitement, and because it is as exciting as what the travel brochures said, Australia never lacked campers and tourists. Filled to the brim with camping ground, it is only right for people with campervans to want to camp around the ‘controlled’ wilderness of Australia (I say controlled because Australian build parks around wilderness where people could camp on). For some of you, going on a campervan trip around Australia can get confusing for some reason. Perhaps you are not Australian born and raised, so you lacked knowledge about Australia. Perhaps you have been locking yourself on your mother’s basement and only now ever saw the light of the day, where there is a sudden urge to camp around Australia’s many camping places.

If you are confused at where you should park your campervans are, you should not worry because I am here to tell you all about good camping places in Australia. Oh, and you should know that lots of camping places are free. Sure you would not get powered spots to power up the electronics in your campervans, but if you are a true campervan, you should know that having a powered spot is not necessary to enjoy the experience.

Mambi Island Camping Ground

This place may have a steep entrance, but of course it is worth the price you pay. Located near Kununurra, this place got more than 20 camping sites for people with campervans. There is no shower nor running water in here, though it is located near a river. You will get no power in here, so you should always make sure that the power of your campervan is enough for the nights you are staying on. My tip? Do not ever stay close near the river for a long time. You do not want the crocs to grab you and drag you into the river. From the list, this is the ‘wildest’ spot in my opinion.

Goldwire Rest Area

This place is located near to the deserts of Australia, so you can be sure that there is no water in here. There are unisex toilets, though you cannot a lot of them in here. There are more than 35 sites in here, though the place could be a bit barren because there are sands everywhere.

Scotts Beach Camping Ground

From the three, this I think, is the mildest camping ground out of the three. If you conduct a research on the three camping grounds’ images, you will know of what I am talking about. Sadly, you can only stay from 14 days in here, unlike the two above.

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